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exfoliating patchouli & coffee soap

$7.00 AUD - $15.00 AUD
exfoliating patchouli & coffee soap

Meet the textured patchouli & coffee scrubbies.

Gently exfoliating & cleansing without parching your skin. 

Made with gorgeous local Werona olive oil, tiwi coconut oil 
and organic apricot oil.

Patchouli plus a touch of mandarin essential oils 
creates an evocative, earthy scent. Coffee Basics coffee grounds (from the Mill in Castlemaine) creates the texture.

Available as 110- 120 gram scrubby, or as packs of 3 petite scrubbies

The soap(s) come labelled & wrapped in recycled tissue & packed in a small stamped brown paper bag.

Flat postage rate of $10.00 for all orders within Australia, or free delivery for orders $25.00 + within the Mount Alexander Shire. For postage outside Australia, please contact me for a quote.